The first time I visited Florence, I never had a chance to go up the hill to see the city from the top. The second time around, I made sure I did. Twice. It is so beautiful. The Santa Maria del Fiore is just grand. We also went up to the top of Santa Maria del Fiore itself — it was quite the climb but one that was worthwhile. :) This is newly listed at our shop!

Florence, Italy, Santa Maria del Fiore

Posted By Charlene Precious @ 5:59 pm
June 5, 2015

More airplane prints! I had my eye on these three planes when they were on the ground. And of course, they completely stole my heart when they hit the air.

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April 2, 2015

I will be back at full speed and very active in about a week’s time with an official launch note on the site and a debrief on the amazing One of a Kind Show experience! We’re just currently under a rock, fulfilling custom orders and still tweaking a few areas on the site (so if you see anything funny, rest assured that we’re on it), but just wanted to post a quick note! <3

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