And we’re 6 months in!

August 31, 2018

Okay, how is it already a month since my last post?? I can hardly keep up with life! I was supposed to post this a week ago when Colton turned 6 months but better late than never :).


Happy 6 months to my big little boy! I don’t know to be happy or sad. He weighed in at 17 lbs. 2 oz. at his appointment and is still nicely in the 50th percentile. Anyhow, this series would not be complete without capturing a nursing moment! Looking back, it’s wild that I used to rely on a breastfeeding pillow and could barely figure out how to hold the little human in the right position without feeling like I was going to break him whilst trying to feed him (lol). I remember sitting in the hospital with nurses violating *all* of my personal space, teaching me how to latch the baby, and leaving me feeling like a dummy because I didn’t know what the hell I was doing. Now? We can do this one-handed while standing, walking, hanging over the car seat in a moving car, heck, even while throwing in a load of laundry, no problem.

For something so natural, breastfeeding is pretty damn hard at first, no?? We make it look easy, but easy only comes after some seriously hard work in the early days. It is also the driver of so-called “bad” habits like feeding on demand, nursing to sleep, being a human pacifier, bla bla. We fall into these bittersweet traps as a FTM without even realizing it. BUT, in the end, it quite literally is the most magical thing (cliche but 100% factual). And I’m holding on to what’s left of these precious, fleeting moments because there’s probably just another six short months left before all this comes to an abrupt end and that day my friends, will be a very sad day.


We’ve also started round 2 of sleep training to improve Colton’s night wakings. And this time, we’re working with a gentle sleep coach using a gentler technique, “The Shuffle”. Boy, what a difference in levels of stress. Although physically more demanding, it has been so much more bearable emotionally and mentally. When we were doing Ferber a month and a half ago, it was tearful on my end and I’m so happy to say, I haven’t shed a tear this time around :). The results are slow and steady and I’m more than okay with that. We’re getting there and the little guy is doing so, so, so well!

Is it just me or am I extremely saddened by the thought of this little bundle of joy growing up? That one day, he won’t need me anymore and won’t want to cuddle anymore and may hate me and fight with me… I just love him exactly the way he is right now! 6 months is such a magical age. Chris can’t wait for him to grow up and I couldn’t be more different! Time is completely the enemy right now :P.

Vacation Update: I’m in love with beautiful Nordic landscapes and have been dying to see Norway. I thought we could make it there this year right before the place turns winter wonderland but because we’re sleep training C, timing is a challenge. We’d have to go by the end of September to catch what’s left of pre-winter Norway but that would mean C’s newly learned sleeping skills would unravel too quickly. SO, postponing Norway and considering a simple tropical vacay in November for now. Norway will be worth the wait!!!

Back again soon. XO.

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