Hello, 2 months!

April 20, 2018

Colton is 2 months old today. Treasuring every cuddly moment with him – time is slipping away! Few things beat a teeny tiny precious human sleeping on you. It’s the best and I would do it all the time if it wasn’t for a) the fear of spoiling him and b) having a million things that I can only get done while he’s asleep. Oh the dilemma!


He is now weighing in at 12 lbs. 2 oz, still holding steady in the 50th percentile. He got his first set of vaccine shots today and it most definitely hurt my heart more than it hurt his little thighs. Oh hello, mommy life. :P

Some progress and developmental observations I want to capture:

1. He is now napping in his crib for over an hour at a time! The longest nap was close to 2 hours so far. We’ve caved into a little bit of co-sleeping the past few weeks so I’m super happy that he is very comfortable in his own crib despite having the option of sleeping beside mommy and daddy.

2. He started coo-ing at around 6.5-7 weeks and just loves to talk to anyone and everyone, just like a little social butterfly. And while talking, he is always smiling, which leads to point #3.

3. He is smiling literally all. the. time. It is so easy for anyone to make him smile, making him one pleasant little boy. :)


4. He loves his crib mobile and is very entertained by it, which is awesome for winning back some time to myself as he gawks away at the thing, albeit for 20 minutes only. (20 minutes is the luxury of an hour these days!)

5. We are still going to bed at around 11pm and waking up at 10-11am. A bit of a messed up routine but hoping to correct that soon :P. You might be thinking, ‘what the heck, they sleep for 12 hrs?’ No, no. It’s really broken sleep – we are up every 1.5-2 hours to feed!

6. He is so strong. He can hold his head up fully during tummy time for 3+ minutes all on his own and smiles through it. It used to stress him out and now it’s fun.

7. Diaper changes is like play time for him. He loves them and smiles and talks through them, so I try to extend diaper changes as long as possible!

Hawaii flights have been booked. I am both so excited and nervous at the same time. Not sure what travelling with the little babe is going to be like. It’s also a long flight so I’m crossing my fingers that it isn’t a total disaster (lol). I’m going to expect / prepare for the absolute worst :P. It’s also going to be the first trip I take where I will be 100% on resort-arrest and will just be doing the whole lay-on-the-beach thing. This type of vacation would normally make me cringe but I’m completely down this time because it’s ultimately breastfeeding by a gorgeous beach or breastfeeding at home with Netflix and I choose the former.

I’ll close this post with this hilariously cute photo of him. He just melts my heart all the darn time. Back again soon, xoxo.


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