Kissed by Autumn.

October 22, 2014

My friend Sarah and I took it upon ourselves to savour Autumn’s little gifts with a small picture-taking road trip. I haven’t done this in a while and by “this” I mean going some place beautiful to take pictures with a friend who loves photography as much as I do. And I pretty much always forget how refreshing and therapeutic it is. Today was quite literally the perfect Fall day, too. The sky was blue with just enough puffy white clouds and the temperature called for just a light sweater. I think I’m going for a second round of this tomorrow morning because another beautiful day awaits. Sometimes you just have to break away from the chaos that is your chores, to-do lists, action plans, and just go to your happy place for a boost that you didn’t even know you needed. This is actually our happy place, which I suppose would make us quite simple beings at the core. Small things like this make us very happy.

There are several more pictures to share but I have to tackle these in doses or I’d be here for countless hours and not get anything else done, which is not the right idea. Case in point – I have my book open in front of me and it is taking me two hours to get through content that should really only take an hour, so that’s my cue to shut this down and focus. :)

10.22.14e 10.22.14b

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