Hi! Charlene here, the artist behind the images you see! Here are some quick tid bits about me!

I’m based in Canada and live in a lovely suburban city called Oakville about 40 minutes outside of Toronto!

I walk firmly with God through all the peaks and valleys of life - faith, prayer and grace are staples in our house!

I first became a mom in 2018 and have since been blessed with two precious little boys, who teach me so much and make me a better person every day.

My co-captain in life is Chris and I always say he’s the real deal: quite literally the best, most present, hands-on and engaged husband and father.

We bond hard as a family and spend a lot of time together. Nature, the outdoors, and travelling are our go-to and we create adventures everywhere!

I’ve had a magical career in marketing for over a decade, building some of the largest household brands and working across the fashion, tech and consumer packaged goods industries!

Along the way, I pursued and completed my MBA because lifelong learning is a must!

I’ve been the head of marketing for a leading Salesforce consulting & implementation partner for the past 4 years!

But wait!! Although I’m deep in the business world, I’m an artist at heart. Taking pictures, creating, decorating and simply loving on pretty things are my passions and have always been in my bones!

That’s how Charlene Precious Co. came to be in 2011! Passions turned into projects: I opened my Etsy shop, launched my e-commerce store and turned my original photography into nostalgic art perfect for gifts and home decor.

Today I feel grateful to be able to keep sharing my work with you all! Join me on Instagram @charleneprecious.

I’m so happy you’re here and am looking forward to getting to know you, too!