It all began when Charlene Precious picked up her first point-and-shoot camera in 2009 and photography instantly became a newfound hobby, an obsession, and an addiction. She was whisked away by the sudden magnified beauty in the simplest, most ordinary things and appreciated seeing the world through a photographer’s eye, where everything was a thousand times more beautiful.

In December of 2009, she launched A Photo A Day (known today as Picture My World), which was a photo blog that served as a platform of evolution as Charlene experimented with photography and carefully found her way to her own unique style and purpose: transforming her original fine art photography into nostalgic art.

The blog then paved the path to opening her Etsy Shop in May of 2011, where she unofficially started to run her newborn business and began to share her nostalgic art with the world beyond the digital screen. The natural next step was to formally name her new business after her first and middle name, Charlene Precious, granted by her wonderful parents.

The journey with Etsy over the next three years helped push her boundaries and planted the desire to get her art into the hands and homes of many more people. The thought of growing and touching lives even in just a small way was incredibly exciting and so in 2014, Charlene and her husband, Chris, took the plunge and worked on building the business founded upon this mission:

To bring you a moment of warmth and happiness through images that evoke sweet nostalgia reminding you of a beautiful time, or a sense of connection and bond to a friend or loved one.

Today charlene precious co. specializes in nostalgic art for gifts and home decor and is on an exciting path of growth! Its core business consists of standard and custom-sized, matte-finished art prints and is currently largely exclusive to Etsy, the Charlene Precious Co. shop, and Chapters-Indigo. Canvas wraps are also sold under the brand extension, "Canvas Art by Charlene Precious", that is more widely available in select retailers.

Charlene & Chris are both very excited to grow their business and would love nothing more than to share their nostalgic art with the world and send you "adrift in a sweet rewind"!