Here she is, the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles! At first I found LA to be very tricky to photograph because of all the smog. But then I eventually recognized that it was simply a part of the city and as such, also an inevitable and natural part of the photography. The smog in fact adds a signature touch to the images that make them scream LA. :) I like it.

Hollywood Art Print

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July 26, 2016

This is the majestic view from Observation Point at Zion National Park. We took the shortcut to the top!!! If you’re not a big hiker and want to get up there in half the time, go to the Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort and tell them you want to take the short cut up to Observation Point! They’ll take you on a shuttle and drop you off at a trailhead (East Mesa Trail) that’s essentially already halfway up to this view. It’s a 3-hour round-trip hike and anyone can do it! :)

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July 25, 2016

This is a rendition of the famous shot of the open road to Monument Valley, Navajo Tribal Park. It was truly just as beautiful as the movies and I could stand and stare in awe from dusk ’til dawn.

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July 19, 2016

I’m quite a bit obsessed with hippie vans and they’re nowhere to be found in Canada, so my heart was essentially jumping out of my chest every time I came across one of these vans everywhere in California! This one parked along the Pacific Coast Highway was just extremely ripe for a photo :). The perfect print for wanderlusters!

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Been back from vacation for a week and am now just getting around to pictures! This last trip was a complete blast. Even though we didn’t venture off too far, it was right up among our favourite trips yet. We must just really, really love road trips.

Here’s a shot of the famous and abandoned Roy’s Motel and Cafe on Route 66 in Ghost Town Amboy, CA. It’s stationed in the middle of nowhere in the California desert. Of course my husband and I psyched ourselves out reading up on all the horror stories of Amboy like here, here, and here right before we visited the town. It makes the experience a tad bit more thrilling. ;) We didn’t stay very long though because despite the thrill, there was some very real anxiety. So, we jumped out of the car for a brief moment to snap a few photos and then went on our way!

The photos turned out vibrant, beautiful, and full of that 1950’s feel, which was everything we wanted while driving through parts of Route 66. So for those of you who are fans of the Mother Road, here are brand new prints for you to check out! Many more Route 66 prints to come and many more from Arizona, Utah, and California in the hopper, so hang tight!

Roy's Motel and Cafe, Art Print

Roy's Motel and Cafe, Art Print

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June 18, 2016

Our trip is all booked and we’re leaving on Tuesday, June 21st! Yay!! :) So here’s where we’ve netted out.

We’ll be flying into Phoenix, AZ and road tripping up to Utah to the glorious Zion National Park (oh yeah)!! We’ll stay in Zion for 2 nights and then head to Monument Valley, which straddles Utah and Arizona. I can’t wait to see this place in person — it’ll be so extremely cinematic. We’ll stay in MV for 2 nights and then we do the big drive to Los Angeles, where we stay for 3 nights with cousins. In Los Angeles, we’ll be seeing quite a few things but are particularly excited to go beach hopping — Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier and Malibu Surfrider Beach are at the top of our list. We’ll also be using one of our LA days as a day trip to San Diego; we haven’t quite figured out what we’re doing in SD but likely join the San Diego County Fair — sounds like a great time! After San Diego, we drive along highway 1 to Santa Barbara where we stay and do more beach time for a couple of nights. :)

Sounds like the perfect trip and I can’t wait to come back with TONS of new pictures! In all honesty, I still have not even gone through the full extent of our Europe pictures from last summer, so I’m behind. But there’s never too many pictures!

NOTE A DELAY IN ORDER PROCESSING TIMES: All orders placed between June 19th and July 2nd will be shipped the week of July 11th.

Cheers and back again shortly!


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Sitting here blogging in our cozy home while listening to the sound of the pouring rain outside… is a Sunday I sure love. I can’t believe it’s already June. Half of 2016 has come and gone – time keeps on flying faster and faster. I’m feeling the itch to travel; the past 8 months have been religiously dedicated to the house and travelling has taken a back seat. So lately, my heart longs to plan a trip, even just a smaller one for this year. Here are the 3 we’re deciding between:

OPTION 1: Havana, Cuba — to see this city before it changes forever

OPTION 2: US road trip. Route 1 Pacific Coast Highway drive from San Diego to Santa Barbara, with stops in Los Angeles and Santa Monica — 2 years ago, we drove from San Francisco to Santa Cruz so it’ll be nice to see the southern coast this time.

OPTION 3: Similar to Option 2 but start from Santa Barbara, drive down to Los Angeles, and onto Arizona. The scenery changing from blue oceans to the red desert is just going to be absolutely breathtaking.

I think I’m leaning towards Option 3, just have to get the hubby to buy in. :)

Back again soon and happy Sunday!

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February 15, 2016

Here’s one of Les Calanques in Cassis France; absolutely beautiful and a hidden gem in southern France. I was forced to pull this out and edit it today because my husband and I were picking out art for the lounge room and this made it on the list!

On the same note, I’m working away on a new project to build up our decor content! The idea is to share with you different ways to decorate with our art. But not only that, we plan to also share general decor tips and ideas! This page has been lonely and we’re finally getting ready to bring some life to it. I’ve been feeling so inspired decorating our new home that I want to be able to share not only ideas but our journey throughout! More to come, so hang tight. I hope to have content up in March. :)

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February 4, 2016

Here’s a new Paris print. :)

Quick update: We got ALL of our drapes up over the last 2 weeks and I think I’m obsessed with them! They change everything – I love them. I could definitely decorate homes for a living; it’s a passion I never knew I had. Oh, my little heart lies in so many different things.

Now we’re onto deciding which prints to put in what room, going through the same process all our lovely customers go through. :)

paris photography

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