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December 31, 2012

We lost someone today. I had a Christmas card written for her that never made it to her in time. My heart, thoughts, and prayers go out to her family.

My body has also completely crashed after a stressful couple of months. I am finally sick with a fierce cough and cold and am staying in on New Year’s Eve. :(

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December 30, 2012

All done.

I’ve completed the GMAT exam and am submitting my MBA applications in January. In January, I am also moving on up to my new role at Canon as Internet Marketing Analyst in the camera division – Marketing and Cameras and Photography? I’m not sure that there could be a more perfect job for me. I’ve also achieved my savings target this year, on track for homebuying in the near future. I also have the best lover, friends, and family in the whole world – they are irreplaceable. Best of all, I have my amazing God, who takes care of me year after year even when I don’t deserve it. 2012 was a beautiful year – a lot of hard work that manifested itself in the way of ‘fruits’ in this last month and I am grateful more than anything.

Here’s to LOVE, HAPPINESS, HEALTH, AND SUCCESS in 2013 and beyond!

More of the majestic Grand Canyon.

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December 28, 2012

My GMAT exam is at noon tomorrow. I rocked 4 practice exams and flunked 2. I don’t know how to feel. Tomorrow could be doom’s day if I end up with a tough exam, so I am hoping for a miracle. If I don’t get the score that I want, I will write the exam again in January. Keep going is all.

I still have good news to share though, but I might just save it for the new year when I take the time to write all about my beautiful 2012.

I’ve wanted to post a photo of the Grand Canyon since my visit last November but don’t know why I never got around to it. Maybe because I was more caught up with Vegas shots at the time. Nonetheless, here it is: nothing less than majestic.

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December 19, 2012

I still have news to share but on another post (lol). Procrastination is sometimes the product of exhaustion.

I wish you the sweetest of dreams (not like the dream I had about Tarantulas the other night).

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And it surely has. I’ve survived one of the craziest two weeks of the year, with good things to show for. I’ll share in another post when I’m not rushing.

The practice exam I wrote last Sunday ended with some disappointing results, tainting my confidence a little bit. I am hoping it was simply the product of a stressful time.

I’m getting my hair cut and coloured tomorrow – there is nothing like coming out of a salon with a head of hair that feel like a million dollars.

PS. I’ve broken 400 sales on Etsy, currently sitting at 401. :)

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December 9, 2012

Having a quick breakfast and then starting my second last practice exam at noon. I plan on writing one more the week before the real exam, hoping that by the time I get to the real exam, it feels just like another practice exam. My GMAT journey is almost over – crossing my fingers.

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December 7, 2012

I took a photo of my art / photography / Etsy desk and my business / work / study desk because the difference is hilarious. My office in my future house is going to be one big oxymoron of art and business, both of which I absolutely love. These were shot quickly with my iPhone so pardon the quality. :)

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December 4, 2012

In work. December is supposed to be a heavenly month. Instead, it’s the month from hell (only with a big fat reward if I make it out alive). Can’t wait. Eye on the prize!

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November 25, 2012

Today I wrote my 6th GMAT practice exam and scored 630. It’s really a 620 though because I reached for the calculator for salvation for two questions where I was desperate and running out of time, that I would’ve otherwise gotten wrong.

I’m slowly but surely getting sucked in by Mad Men. The show is set in the 1960s, which is one of my favourite eras as far as visual style, music, and fashion, and that, along with the historical authenticity of the show have been a big draw. Love it!


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November 24, 2012

I never used to be a TV show junky and I’m uncertain of the trigger, but in the last year, I’ve gotten hooked on Dexter, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, 666 Park Avenue, and Breaking Bad, all of which come from a similar genre – a little bit on the darker side. American Horror Story, though, is by far my favourite – so incredibly twisted and filled with mental anguish. I can’t quite explain exactly what intrigues me about it and attracts me to it but the show makes you feel grotesquely uncomfortable and yet that’s precisely the appeal. It manages to radiate such chaotic emotion and turmoil. The best explanation is probably my general rule of thumb: if something (whether it be a show / film / song / literature, etc.) can evoke emotion of any type, I immediately appreciate. And sometimes, darker emotion trumps the others.

I am entering busy season at my Etsy Shop – I received 5 orders today. It makes me happy but anxious at the same time because December is going to be chaotic in every way possible and Etsy orders are but a drop in the bucket.


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