That’s a wrap for 2012.

December 30, 2012

All done.

I’ve completed the GMAT exam and am submitting my MBA applications in January. In January, I am also moving on up to my new role at Canon as Internet Marketing Analyst in the camera division – Marketing and Cameras and Photography? I’m not sure that there could be a more perfect job for me. I’ve also achieved my savings target this year, on track for homebuying in the near future. I also have the best lover, friends, and family in the whole world – they are irreplaceable. Best of all, I have my amazing God, who takes care of me year after year even when I don’t deserve it. 2012 was a beautiful year – a lot of hard work that manifested itself in the way of ‘fruits’ in this last month and I am grateful more than anything.

Here’s to LOVE, HAPPINESS, HEALTH, AND SUCCESS in 2013 and beyond!

More of the majestic Grand Canyon.

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