For the love of photography.

November 20, 2012

We were driving on the country road and came across a sheep farm. We pulled over (story of my life) and I ran down and climbed over the ditch to get closer to the barbed wire fence that was separating the sheep and I. The herd was conveniently hanging out by the fence; perfect for a photograph, I thought. But as soon as I reached the fence, I seem to have also startled them and they all went gallivanting away and into the middle of the field, putting them in a place that was too distant for a good photograph. So I walked to the nearest house in sight to bother a man whom I had hoped to be the owner of the farm. It turns out that he wasn’t the owner but (fortunately) knew the owner and generously provided me with his phone number. I gave the man a ring to ask to photograph his sheep and here we are. For the love of photography.


Posted By Charlene Precious @ 5:10 pm