‘I left my heart in _____’ Series.

January 26, 2013

The one that’ll bring this series home is ‘I left my heart in San Francisco‘ because that’s the actual name of the song. I’ve been trying to get to San Francisco for several years now but always get sidetracked with a bigger trip. The priority trip this year is Jamaica because my boyfriend’s brother is tying the knot there. That means that, for San Francisco to happen, we’d need to expand the travel budget by shrinking some other budget. We’re not big spenders to begin with though – we’re homebodies and we’re not materialistic. There is nothing I’d rather spend my money on than travelling. I’ll never have even the slightest desire for a $4,000 LV purse but I’ll always lust over a $4,000 trip to some place on a map. I can picture my San Francisco photo collection and I know intimately all the shots that I’m after and I know they’d be instant favourites on Etsy. Soon, San Francisco, soon. It’ll be worth the wait.

The loveliness of Paris seems somehow sadly gay
The glory that was Rome is of another day
I’ve been terribly alone and forgotten in Manhattan
I’m going home to my city by the Bay
I left my heart in San Francisco

by Mr. Tony Bennett

Posted By Charlene Precious @ 8:47 am