I’m on a serious hunt for good music.

December 28, 2010

I watch A LOT of movies – at least three a week and I discover good, non-mainstream music primarily through movie soundtracks. I hate the radio and I hate top 40 (and I hate Hip Hop. I think I just offended the whole world with that statement. That’s okay.) It’s just that watching movies and frantically jotting down lyrics to songs that is played that I like and then Googling them afterwards is getting to be a slow process. I literally have a “Songs to Download” notepad app on my iPhone strictly to jot down lyrics to awesome songs that I catch in movies. But listen, I just want a fast and furious list of good music to either download or to have readily available in mp3s to pop into my playlist. Sarah has already given me 100 indie rock mp3s. My colleague Shaun is hooking me up with 200 more, my mamabear Melissa is generating a list, and Twitter peeps have recommended several good bands. Anybody else want to share their iTunes library? :)

Okay, so I’ll leave you with a little bit of 80’s love. Don’t You Forget About Me by Simple Minds. I watched Easy A last night and it reminded me of how good this song is. Good movie, too.

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