Lesson Learned.

April 6, 2011

My camera is in the repair shop. I did indeed scratch the life out of the mirror inside it with a Q-TIP! Can you believe that a Q-TIP can actually scratch the life out of something? The mirror is getting replaced for $25. Cheap & cheerful. Lesson learned.

If you take anything away from this post, let it be this: never touch the inside of your camera. Not with an eyeglass cloth, not with a Q-tip, not with the softest fabric you have. The inside of your camera is a million times more delicate than your lenses. Just leave it to the camera technicians.

The sky is one of my favourite backdrops. But only when they are the perfect shade of blue with the perfect set of puffy clouds. Without a little bit of cloud, the sky is not quite perfect because photos look flat without them. This pigeon would look better if there were more clouds captured in the frame. :)

Posted By Charlene Precious @ 4:23 pm

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