Promoting AMBULANCE LTD. Go listen. GOGOGO.

December 30, 2010

This is it. I’m obsessed. I downloaded all of Ambulance LTD’s songs and I want to go out and buy ten copies of their album to support the artist even though they haven’t done anything new since 2008 (and I RARELY buy CDs). One album wonders. Please come back!!! They remind me of our generation’s Beatles – hints of the same sound and harmonizing style with the lead singer’s voice sometimes sounding a bit like John Lennon’s, but actually softer and smoother. He is also kind of really cute minus the fact that he is stick thin.

Can I leave you with two rocking live performances? (1) Stay Where You Are because their outfits look like young Beatles. And (2) Ladyfingers because it’s their most unpopular song judging by its humble 3,700 YouTube views but it’s so good, it needs to be heard.

Posted By Charlene Precious @ 7:10 pm