The National Art Museum of Catalonia, Barcelona

September 29, 2011

This is one of the most breathtaking sights in Barcelona, second to the Sagrada Familia and I remember it so vividly because we climbed uphill for three hours to get to the top (we took the back roads so that we’d see other things as we were climbing). All while getting eaten alive by vicious mosquitoes. Nevertheless, it was stunning on the way down. You’d look back at it every few steps down and it was a different view every time. This shot still was not taken from the very bottom. It gets more beautiful than this but my mosquito bites were killing me so badly that I had to rush back to the hostel to put afterbite on them. I think I had eight ginormous, unattractive bites. Wouldn’t you like to know? :) Buy this on Etsy! :)

Posted By Charlene Precious @ 5:28 pm

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