Whimsical Summer.

June 5, 2011

Ahh, I’ve been dying to do my whimsical carnival photos ever since I saw Water for Elephants and finally, a start! There were no carousels at the festival I was at today and that’s a critical piece to this series. I’ll be going to as many carnivals as I can this summer – small ones here and there as we build up to the largest one, the CNE in August. This series will be available at my Etsy Shop. :)

I’m partnering up with Laisie for the third component of my little venture here – my photo frames. We’re putting our heads together for that one and have booked an arts & crafts date. We’re also reviving our e-book. We’re also going to Europe together. We’re also going to the Backstreet Boys concert on Wednesday.

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