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If only we could prance around in cute outfits and take photos of each other all day. Here’s a taste of my photo date with Sarah Angela, coat-less in the snow in an abandoned park. We already have the next photo date set up for next weekend. The snow, the cold, and boxing day weekend won’t stop us.

If you haven’t yet discovered photographic therapy, then you should pick up a camera and make love to it.

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December 19, 2010

With the help of Jaime, my new WordPress support team (lol), I’ve fixed up a few buggy things on – a major bug being the turtle-pace loading. I know it’s a matter of keeping costs low, but I think WordPress is getting big enough to have a mini support call centre or something. Their support forums are useless. I can get more help on Twitter than I ever will on those forums.

I’m off work for the next two days. :) And so I went on to set up a photo date for tomorrow with this runaway girl. Xo.

Anyways, more photos below from Friday’s shoot!

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December 18, 2010

If you didn’t already know, I almost lost my blog. Well, in my head I did. It was never actually lost. But in my head, it was because I believed it was lost, so it was as good as lost.

Long story short: I was working on migrating my portfolio to WordPress, so it’s easier to manage. Along the way, between installing WordPress and mapping domains, I carelessly deleted my blog, which I now know from this traumatic experience, is actually connected to this blog. And just like that, the whole blog was “gone” for four hours or so. I have never experienced such mental and physical trauma.

Jon Gauthier, an angel in today’s day and age, saw my cry for help and came to my rescue. He spent three hours on the phone with me, helping me figure it all out. I was angry, rude, whiny, and just all around UNPLEASANT. Your average Joe and Jane would’ve said byebye in the first ten minutes. But Jon helped me up until I am blogging again, right here, right now. Jon, so sorry for my disaster but I graciously thank you for your kindness. You are an angel.

The worst is over and as promised, I am posting a few photos today due to missing the last couple of days. The photoshoot last night was fabulous; I was capturing a group of beautiful ladies from my old workplace, dolled up in their fancy hair and make up, getting ready for their Christmas party. I miss you, ladies! :)

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That is my excuse for not posting a photo on Wednesday and Thursday. I think it’s a legitimate excuse. So, CHECK IT OUT:


I can’t keep sending clients to this blog as a main destination; it has to be And I can’t leave a “BRB” note there for any longer because it’s driving me crazy. And I’ve been saying that I’m going to do a revamp, so you have my word. No matter how busy. Just in time for 2011.

There are only 33 photos up there at the moment because I have a hundred million photos to re-edit to the right size before I can use them on the site to fit the setup. So, I’ll make it a point to re-edit a few a day and add them in as I go. But at least the web destination is up and alive. Getting a move on and spending the time to set up the site is the hardest part.

Once I am done polishing all the photos that I want to put up, I will probably add my design portfolio as well.

Anyway, I have a photoshoot today, so I’ll post tons of photos to make up for the few days that were missed. :)

Happy Friday!

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December 13, 2010

I am so excited.
Plenty of qualified fishes finally caught in the net.
Do you have any idea how long it took to get here?
This is how deprived our city is of good, husband-qualified men.
It’s like finding a pin in a haystack.
My single lady deserves THE BEST.
If you’re still a boy, no thank you.
If you’re an idiot, no thank you.
If you’re a fling, no thank you.
If you’re a slut, no thank you.
If you have nothing going for you, no thank you.
This is my single lady and she is a premium upgrade from your ex-girlfriends.

Photo below is out of place, I know. It’s my old piano metronome. My mom was right. When I insisted on quitting my piano lessons in 6th Grade, she told me I would regret it when I’m older. Of course I quit anyway. And now I’m older and I regret it. They are right 99% of the time, so don’t get ahead of yourself.

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Check out these stunning photographs from the London Tuition Fee protest. Dangerous riots but completely awesome; wish I could be there to capture a few snapshots of danger from a distance. Could we arrange to have one of these in Toronto for our Master’s programs? Education is stupid expensive. If you want to go to school, then you should be able to. It shouldn’t be a matter of money. I have my heart set on getting my MBA, and if it wasn’t for affordability, I would be in class already. For crying out loud, the two-year MBA program at the Rotman School of Management (UofT) costs $74,936. That’s a rock solid down payment for a house. And that’s without your books, supplies, commute, etc. With all of that included, make the total $100,000. Between a Master’s degree, a good lifelong car, a house, traveling, and a wedding at some point, I either need to win the lottery or save my @ss off and never spend another dime. And no, I can’t prioritize because these are all equally important and have identical timelines. To drown in debt is not an option. Sorry to be a realist.

My shoot today was postponed because it decided to rain all day. Sundays like to rain… and that’s probably why Maroon 5 wrote that song Sunday Morning (rain is falling).

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Brainstorming for three upcoming photoshoots – one tomorrow and two next weekend. I’m stoked!

I also booked vacation time – I’m off next Friday all the way to Tuesday, then back to work on Wednesday. The plan was to fly to Los Angeles for a getaway, but that fell off the budget wagon when I got suckered into a series of bigger purchases in November. Between NKOTBSB and Boyz II Men concert tickets, my new 7D that cost an arm and a leg, my new winter parka, my iPhone, my hair revamp appointment, and Christmas presents, I can’t justify a trip. I want it all but I can’t have it all, so I’m making peace with the waiting game.

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I won first place and got me a new super cute point and shoot camera – the Powershot SD1400. Remember this photo??? That’s the one! Thank you, Canon!

I’m not caught up with point and shoot technology, but this one has a whole new set of superfantastic features that my old Powershot didn’t have! First of all, it has a fisheye setting. That is way cool. Considering I sold my fisheye lens and now have a point and shoot replacement to achieve the fisheye effect, it’s a pretty done deal. I am retiring my old Powershot SD1000 (which by the way, is one of the best pieces of technology I’ve ever bought), to my little sister. That camera goes way back throwback to my virgin photographer days. Here you go, little sis!

Anyway, happy Friday! :)

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