Colton is 6 weeks old today! Here he is all bundled up after bath time. That face though!! He is growing so fast :(, I’m already missing these newborn days and they’re not even over yet. They’re just rapidly escaping me. A part of me wants him to stay this little forever; just little enough to hold him in my arms.

bath time g

In these past few days, I’ve noticed he has began to recognize who I am; that I am mom and mom is comfort and safety. He has started to ease up on the fuss during witching hours and those hours have gotten significantly shorter, and dare I say it: sometimes barely exists. He has been so sweet and so good and is just the best.

He is now weighing 10 lbs. 14 oz., still in the 50th percentile, and no longer fits into a bunch of his onesies. I’m trying to squeeze him into them to get 1 or 2 more wears, ha!

Last night while half asleep, I caught him roll from his back to his side. It took a second to sink in my sleepy, groggy head, and when it did, I was stunned. He went on to show off his fancy new trick while at the doctor’s today. Doctor says “oh my God, it’s too early.” I’ll take it! The little guy doesn’t waste any time (except for when he was late entering the world).

Breastfeeding has finally stabilized (I think)! No more surprises and it has been all around wonderful. I actually find it extremely rewarding. It sounds so simple because it’s something so natural but it’s hard work to get that milk supply up and running smoothly and when you get there, it’s plain awesome. You reap what you sow indeed!

He is getting his first set of vaccines in a couple of weeks and I’m quite excited to have them done only because I can start to feel more comfortable taking him to public places like the mall to go for little strolls. Can’t wait :).

Before I sign off, here are a few new prints!

This lovely Icelandic house on a hill…

iceland photography, icelandic house

This old shipwreck along the Pacific Coast… a little eerie with a whole lot of beauty… there is such a thing!

point reyes shipwreck

Dug through archives from 2010 and found this gem. An oldie but goodie.


Back again soon! Xo.

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Completely, totally, utterly California Dreamin’ with this hippie van. :) This is a new print I have yet to list but know that it’s available!

On another note, I had great company with a friend tonight drinking wine and eating pizza and perogies. Nothing more that a girl could ask for. :)

Our front yard has also made leaps and bounds of progress over the last week as we transformed it from a boring, lifeless lawn, to now a lawn with some great curb appeal! I love it so much and will take photos soon. Home projects, as tedious as they can be while in the process, are so rewarding in the end. Like they always say, just keep your eye on the prize, folks!

hippie van, volkswagen van photography, hippie van art

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September 5, 2011

…in love with airplanes, jet planes, fighter jets, helicopters, the little propeller planes, and ALL air crafts.

I’m so not done with clotheslines but now I’ve got a whole bunch of photos I want to share from the CNE Air Show! For starters, I was pleasantly surprised by badass female skydivers who came out of nowhere with their pretty in pink parachutes!!! Here they are. :)

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April 26, 2011

I was in a taxi cab en route to our office in downtown Winnipeg when I first saw this candy factory. After work, I walked the city for advertising inspiration and made it a point to pass by the candy factory for quick photos. Turns out there were multiple candy factories actually.

“Perhaps royal people everywhere should apologize for the years of pretending they were somehow chosen by a higher power to rule, enslave and colonize. Instead of holding a deja vu wedding – a strange costly neurosis ($150,000,000) – playing out on the world’s psyche, they could just admit they aren’t any closer to the top. They can’t pull some strings where it matters. But what do I know being common folk… Your Peasant, Reg”

Reg for Regina Spektor. Her status full of truth appeared on my Facebook feed and basically, she’s an angel. If you’ve never heard her music, start now. Ok, it’s a unique sound, different from today’s junk. So you may hate it, but I love it.

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Mistakes make us want to curl up into a ball and hide under our blankets and never be spoken to again. BUT, they also make us learn hard and fast so that we are wiser today than we were yesterday. So, EMBRACE mistakes of all sizes because each one, so long as you’re learning from them, is a tablet of wisdom. Truly.

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