November 8, 2015

Another selfie in Iceland, taken by the hubby. I had a big urge to book a flight to Iceland today to travel the northern part. Perhaps in a few months; I still have enough photos to hold me over a little longer, thank goodness. :)

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November 1, 2015

Snapped this a while ago, just haven’t had the chance to share it. These black and white cows were certainly all ready for a photo op. :) Back to the grind tomorrow! Hope everyone had a lovely weekend.

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This, my friends, is the Tuscany that you’ve gotta see. I feel like if you don’t drive through the Val D’Orcia region, you miss this altogether!!! It’s just so beautiful and I’m so happy that I have hundreds more to share. :)

Happy halloween! Gotta go give out candy now!

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October 26, 2015

I’m here and alive. It. has. just. been. so. busy. Renovations have made our lives extremely chaotic lately!! We’ve been working non-stop, around the clock. If we’re not working away at work, then we’re working away here at home. We have not had time to do anything else at all and have made a ton of sacrifices the last few months to get the house perfected and beautiful. That means I have not had a chance to enjoy the awesome fall weather :(.

I’m definitely missing taking pictures, blogging, and posting! All I’ve been able to squeeze in are order fulfillments during renovation breaks throughout our evenings and weekends. Having said that, I do see the light at the end of the tunnel! The truly great things never come easy and this is one of those great things. :) We are just powering through and I’m hopeful that all will be in order soon! My studio is relatively set up at least. :) Pictures to come soon! Here’s a quick one of the streets of Paris!

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October 9, 2015

Never have I been so captivated by the “dark”. Reynisdrangar, the black sand beach in southern Iceland was truly stunning. The sand and rocks were black, the water a mix of silver and white, the clouds a thick fog, the waves fierce and all I could think was “wow”. I stood there for hours just admiring. Sometimes I can’t decide between two shots, so I post both. :)

Helen Keller once said: “There is beauty in everything; even in silence and darkness.” I would have to agree. :)

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October 1, 2015

We’re all moved in! We have not unpacked nor do we have internet set up. It was actually a bit of a nightmare to think I’d have to go a week without internet. But thanks to tethering, that nightmare never materialized. :) I decided to post something quick tonight as I reminisce to those beautiful days in Iceland.

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September 25, 2015

Most shots of this church in Vik is typically quite bright and cheerful, but the couple of days that we were in Vik, it was raining. But rain in many cases is a blessing in photographs. It brings a completely different touch and creates a whole new image that I like to describe as haunting and beautiful. :)

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September 22, 2015

One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Glaciers in Iceland during the summer…! Left me absolutely in awe.

I’m posting in the middle of the week, that’s progress. :) It actually helps me relax and I should make a point to do it. It’s Wednesday tomorrow and our brand new floors and stairs will be ALL DONE. Can’t wait to see them!!! Back again soon.

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