August 26, 2015

At the root of it all, I love photography because it forces me to see something beautiful in almost all ordinary things that most would just ignore or pass right by. You see it, you capture it, it’s yours, and now you’re in full control of bringing out that beauty for others to see.

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August 20, 2015

I’ve finally had the chance to get our giant 40% OFF OVERSTOCK SALE up and running! Until quantities last only. We’re moving into our new home in about a month, so it made sense to clean up the studio a little bit! There is quite a big collection to shop from, including our best sellers, so be sure to check it out! All overstock sale prints are trade show inventory in their original brand new condition. Shop the sale here! It’s quite a steal. :)

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August 9, 2015

More selfies to share – these were taken in beautiful Tuscany, in the Val D’Orcia region. Words cannot describe. It was as if we were in a picture perfect children’s storybook. :)

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You always need selfies in beautiful places. Taken by my wonderful husband. :) I think it was right after this that I got stung by a bee, which embarrassingly drove me to tears. It really, really hurt, but it was worth it. Happy Saturday – today is the wedding day of dear friends and it’s going to be wonderful.

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No big deal. :) This doesn’t even look real does it? Remembering back, my heart was just constantly jumping out of my chest as I soaked in the glorious sights in front of me.

In a week and a half, we get the keys to our new home and renovations commence! Very exciting (and busy) times for us but we’re really looking forward to tackling this new pet project. Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll be back again soon!

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Lavender Fields in Provence were in full bloom by the time we got there. We literally planned our entire trip so that Provence would fall near the end of June and we’d be able to see these fields in its full glory. It was truly breathtaking. I thought sunflower fields were the most beautiful fields until I saw lavender fields. They were endless for miles and they were just picture perfect. :)

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It’s been a super busy week and this long weekend just came at a perfect time. :) We have no plans but having no plans is truly a rare occasion and a luxury these days, so I’m not complaining! I can’t believe it’s already August!

Anyhow, here’s another one of Paris, specifically of Avenue des Champs-Elysees! Beautiful street and fabulous for shopping. Paris is not ALL about the Eiffel Tower. :)

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July 26, 2015

Paris is always a good idea. I loved Paris so much more than when I first visited in 2010. I had an itch for the Eiffel Tower today, so here’s one of many. Can’t wait to go through the rest and share them with you. :)

We watched a horror film called It Follows yesterday and then Insidious 3 the day before. Both were very good for those who are horror film fans! It’s hard to find good scary movie these days, so we were pleasantly surprised with these two! And just like that, the weekend is over. Back to the grind tomorrow!

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