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May 5, 2013

I’m getting hooked on SUITS. Harvey Spector is the bomb. They’ve done a phenomenal job glamorizing a career in law. Makes you want to become a lawyer. Actually, the show makes me want to wear a sexy suit and comb my hair back 70’s style with a modern twist like Harvey over here (if I were a man).

Here’s a video recording of Stubborn Love performed live by the Lumineers at the Sound Academy. I didn’t know how to switch to video mode with the Powershot SX500 IS quickly enough, so I went with my iPhone for this one. Quality is terrible but it did the job. I never buy music (shame on me) but I will pick up the Lumineers’ album tomorrow to show my support.

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Despite a standing concert that made it very, very, very hard for me to see anything other than people’s shoulders, the music trumped it all. I’m also so fortunate to have Chris to lift me above the crowd every few minutes. No one else had THAT view. :) AND, halfway through the concert, a stage was set up in the middle of the floor among the fans and that’s when I caught another break because the stage happened to be set up right in front of me and suddenly, I could see clearly!

Amazing, amazing concert. BEAUTIFUL music. I love them so much. It blows my mind when bands can sound even better live than they do in their records. Enjoy the photos with call-outs to a few of my favourites from their album. I have to study otherwise I would’ve posted a video, too. Maybe tomorrow. The PowerShot SX500 IS did us proud (it’s wild how I literally don’t know how to work a simple point-and-shoot camera because of being accustomed to a DSLR.)

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Tomorrow night is the Lumineers concert at the Sound Academy! I am test driving the Canon PowerShot SX500 IS only because ‘professional cameras’ are not allowed, so I have to leave my baby (that is my 7D) behind. I am so excited though and can’t wait to sing along to the best folk rock band ever. By the way, Canon is holding a 40th Anniversary Sale (celebrating 40 years in Canada) – I suggest you check it out and get yourself a hot deal on photo gear.

love of mine

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Chris surprised me with tickets to the Lumineers concert at the Sound Academy this Friday. I am so excited!!! I was in love with this band long before they were exploited by the radio. They have the most nostalgic sound in the world.

It’s amazing how your brain’s processing power deteriorates as the day goes by. Right about now my comprehension is hurting and I am having to read a single sentence 5 or 6 times before understanding, (lol). Should we call it a night? I’d say. I’m on Chapter 3 and things are getting complicated.

These are pretty things from one of my favourite shops on Queen West, The Paper Place.

the paper place queen west toronto

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Chris and I spent the day in Toronto yesterday and ended up having lunch at Chippy’s Fish & Chips on Queen West. I’m not a big fan of fish and chips because I’ve had terrible experiences with it for the most part, even when I tried it in London, but this place was pretty darn good. So good that it has mildly impacted my impression of fish and chip meals.

Today I had intended on getting my bike ride on in the countryside but decided to be a good girl and buckle down to get a head start for my first class tomorrow. I cracked my Accounting book open and have been reading all day. It is surprisingly interesting so far. I hope it stays interesting like this even down to the assignments, then we’ll get along just fine I’m sure.

chippy's fish and chips queen west toronto

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The weeks are flying by faster than ever. It’s a tad bit troubling. This is my last weekend of freedom for a little while, so I’m going to try and enjoy it. And by that I mean I’ll try not to start studying (lol). Course syllabuses along with class powerpoints are already up in the student portal. I think I’m going to feel guilty if I don’t read through them this weekend… so guess what? We’ll make that an exciting Sunday night task. Not a dreaded one. It’s all about the right mindset.

Anyway, my new business cards are all done. Super pretty in pink. What’s for dinner for you? Dinner for me is Kentucky Fried Chicken. Nice and healthy. That’s how we do.

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I updated fonts again. That’s the last time for a little while, I promise. My post titles look cute, don’t they? :) I’m trying really hard to get into Spartacus but I’m now going into Season 1, Episode 4 and I’m still not captivated. I’ll give it some more time, I guess. I’m also trying to get into House of Cards. That has more of a shot than Spartacus, I think. I also hear people harping about Game of Thrones quite extensively, so I might give that a shot, too.

Oh by the way, is this not the grossest thing you’ve ever seen?

A message to the skies: rain all you want now, as long as you come through with sunshine this weekend.

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April 24, 2013

I’ve made a few aesthetic changes to the blog (minor to you, major to me) in the last few days and want to make sure that they are all showing up properly for you, so just to be safe, can you hit the refresh button? :) Thank you! My fonts have changed along with my header graphic. Same goes for Updates have been made there, too, so hit refresh whenever you pay a visit!

This was taken in Madrid, Spain. My heart suddenly aches for travel. I can’t wait to get on a plane to Jamaica for some fresh travel photography. There is nothing better in life than love and travel. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If I had all the money in the world, the only thing I would buy is travel. Nothing else brings more joy and nothing else is more inspiring.

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April 23, 2013

God bless font creators. I’m way in love with typography. Notice the new font?? It’s a Google web font. Do you like it? I love it. It makes me want to keep typing. Oh the things that inspire me. It doesn’t look amazing on IE because IE is helpless, so it doesn’t really matter. Please – if you use IE, just stop. Do yourself a gigantic favour and switch to Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

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April 22, 2013

We had a barbecue at Chris’ mom’s yesterday afternoon and I stole this little cutie for a 5-minute photoshoot. She’s quite the firecracker. Kids are a long way down the road for me but I can’t wait to photograph them when they come around. In the mean time, I’ll continue to steal other people’s adorable kids.

Just when you think tuition has robbed you of almost everything you have, the textbook monster comes and robs you of all the remnants. I have to buy textbooks this week :(.

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