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September 25, 2015

Most shots of this church in Vik is typically quite bright and cheerful, but the couple of days that we were in Vik, it was raining. But rain in many cases is a blessing in photographs. It brings a completely different touch and creates a whole new image that I like to describe as haunting and beautiful. :)

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September 22, 2015

One of the coolest things I’ve ever seen. Glaciers in Iceland during the summer…! Left me absolutely in awe.

I’m posting in the middle of the week, that’s progress. :) It actually helps me relax and I should make a point to do it. It’s Wednesday tomorrow and our brand new floors and stairs will be ALL DONE. Can’t wait to see them!!! Back again soon.

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September 20, 2015

…is still better than a good day anywhere else. :)

So sorry for being MIA for the last two weeks. Life has been a whirlwind – between crazy days at work and being in the middle of moving and renovations, we have not been able to find time to do anything else! I decided to take the day off and not work on the house today (hubby still is though), so here I am, catching up with a blog post!

I’m missing Paris. I’m craving another vacation already! Work to travel; that’s what I’ll be living by. :) Happy Sunday to all!

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We’re extremely excited to announce our newest stockist, Chapters Indigo Canada, who now carries our art prints! My husband and I are huge fans and can literally spend hours in the store every time we go. They’re one of our favourite retailers in Canada and it just so happens that they’re also the perfect match for our art prints, so we’re simply thrilled. We’ve collaborated with them to create our Canadian Wanderlust Collection intended to celebrate the beauty and hidden gems in this country. The Canadian Wanderlust prints below are now available at the Chapters-Indigo Canada online store – each print is exclusively produced on extra luxurious, matte-finish, archival paper, so be sure to check them out! :)

Photographed in Prince Edward County, Ontario, this abandoned barn house stands in the middle of a vast field looking hauntingly beautiful.
old barn house with vintage love. print available at chapters indigo canada.

Photographed in Banff, Alberta, this majestic view of the great Canadian North is a little glimpse of heaven.
banff alberta, banff photography, banff art prints. print available at chapters indigo canada

Photographed on an Autumn day in Milton, Ontario, this red barn house rests in solitude in the middle of golden corn stalks.
old red barn photos. print available at chapters indigo canada.

Photographed on a perfect summer day in Hamilton, Ontario, these haystacks sit perfectly on a farmer’s haven, glistening under the sun.
countrside landscape photography with vintage love. print available at chapters indigo canada.

Photographed at the Toronto Harbourfront, this one’s for the fishermen whose second home is the deep blue sea.
fishing art, fishing photography, fisherman's art. print available at chapters indigo canada.

Photographed in Banff, Alberta, this is a glimpse of Canada’s awe-inspiring, beautiful, ever-majestic rocky mountains.
Rocky Mountains, Banff, Alberta, Canada. print available at chapters indigo canada.

Photographed in Burlington, Ontario, these sunflowers in full bloom are as bright and cheerful as can be on a sweet summer day.
sunflower photography, print available at chapters indigo canada..\

Photographed in Vancouver, British Columbia, the marina sits still and peaceful in the West coast sunset.
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Photographed in Bayfield, Ontario, this old Dutch windmill gives us a little taste of Holland in the Canadian countryside.
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August 26, 2015

At the root of it all, I love photography because it forces me to see something beautiful in almost all ordinary things that most would just ignore or pass right by. You see it, you capture it, it’s yours, and now you’re in full control of bringing out that beauty for others to see.

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August 20, 2015

I’ve finally had the chance to get our giant 40% OFF OVERSTOCK SALE up and running! Until quantities last only. We’re moving into our new home in about a month, so it made sense to clean up the studio a little bit! There is quite a big collection to shop from, including our best sellers, so be sure to check it out! All overstock sale prints are trade show inventory in their original brand new condition. Shop the sale here! It’s quite a steal. :)

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August 9, 2015

More selfies to share – these were taken in beautiful Tuscany, in the Val D’Orcia region. Words cannot describe. It was as if we were in a picture perfect children’s storybook. :)

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You always need selfies in beautiful places. Taken by my wonderful husband. :) I think it was right after this that I got stung by a bee, which embarrassingly drove me to tears. It really, really hurt, but it was worth it. Happy Saturday – today is the wedding day of dear friends and it’s going to be wonderful.

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