Did you say hello to the new Canon EOS 70D?

July 3, 2013

I’m not going to talk about school for once. Although I am in class.

This is for my fellow photographers. As you may know, the Canon EOS 70D has launched, and she is quite the catch. A bigger catch than my amazing (but old) 7D, whom I still love dearly. But since the new 70D is a big deal, you’ll probably want to check out the EOS 70D Fantasy Kit contest on Facebook. The Fantasy Kits include the EOS 70D, an L-Series lens, a Manfrotto tripod, memory cards, and a Tamrac camera bag – cue hallelujah chorus. Along the way, you get to identify with a photography style and pick from a series of mind-blowing L-Series lenses that best suit your needs. Uhhh, so enter already! :)

Honestly, I used an L-Series lens in Jamaica and it delivered some seriously sharp images, they can cut through your eyes. If you’ve never thought about them, or don’t know what they are, look into it and figure out a way to try one (unless you’re too afraid to get hooked ;)).

catamaran sailboat sailor ocean sea

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