April 6, 2014

I just listed this really quickly on Etsy. It’s so pretty it looks like a toy airplane. I’ve been so distracted these past few days with photography matters, I haven’t been studying effectively for my Accounting exam on Tuesday!!!

Last night was date night and we watched Afflicted in the theatres. Not sure if I agree with the raving reviews, but anyway. Maybe I’m just too desensitized. If a horror movie isn’t scary, it does me no good.

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February 23, 2012

Alright, I did this thing yesterday (the striked-out text below) thinking that I was being funny and then I woke up this morning feeling less than comfortable about it. And it’s only because I’m a marketer that I’m hypersensitive to these things. My brand is my baby and because I’ve built and maintained a specific brand image for quite some time now, it’s wise to keep to it and not go off on a tangent out of the blue that could potentially offend certain segments of my audience, which perhaps, my post yesterday could have done. I don’t know whether or not it did, but I took precaution by deleting it altogether and writing up this post tonight. Whether or not I’m overreacting – it doesn’t really matter. I tread with caution because I care! xo

Breaking up is hard to do. (February 22, 2012)
So why not do it in a cute and comedic way? Like through Charlene Precious vintage-inspired photographs with reverse-love quotes? HAHAHA. Oh my goodness. This was a brilliant and hilarious proposition months and months ago by a male colleague of mine. Note the gender emphasis because only men would think of something like this. I have to admit it’s funny. It came up again today at our lunch conversation and I just felt compelled to have fun with it, so here it is! The real thing is every bit as funny as the idea in concept. I pulled up two random Thunderbird photos that I’ve never posted before and threw in the reverse-love Leaving on a Jet Plane lyrics. I’m sure John Denver would not be pleased. Here you have two soft, sweet, and relatively visually stimulating photographs that carry these heartbreaking words, masked by cute cursive writing.

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