Me, Charlene Precious.

An Experienced Marketer, Artist Entrepreneur, and MBA Student. :)

MY PERSONAL SIDE in a nutshell.

I love life and everything about it. I get inspired easily by many things. I’m a total sucker for academia just like I’m a sucker for romance, though the two are unrelated. I love learning and keeping up with new information. I’m governed by a strong set of values and beliefs. I’ve always wished that I was born in the 60s, so that I could live and breathe life with the greatest rock band of all time, the Beatles. I take pictures because it’s remarkably therapeutic. I was a geek way before it was cool to be a geek.

I’d rather spend my nights having great conversations with great company over dinner than the party thing. When it comes to shopping, labels mean nothing; I buy because I like it, it makes me feel good, and I think it looks good. I am a Taurus, the loyal but stubborn friend. Bits and pieces of my dream home would include window boxes of flowers, pretty shutters, a lovely front porch, a white picket fence and a creative room/studio all wrapped in rustic decor. Consistent traveling year after year is a deeply rooted desire and I’ve been doing just that. I have the kind of family and life-partner that I’d wish upon everyone: the absolute best.

When it comes to movies, I will always pick horror over any other genre. I love anything vintage and I desperately want a personal 50s pin-up model to create vintage photographs with. I see the world through a photographer’s eyes, where everything is a thousand times more beautiful. As much as I am hyper-stimulated by the business world, there is an artist inside me that won’t be suppressed and so I also have a knack for photography and design.

I get a high out of speaking in front of people, so presentations are my favourite. Building and keeping relationships is extremely important to me. I want to help people in any way that I can, for as long as that help is within my power. If I were to adopt a social cause, it would be on human/sex trafficking. I’m disciplined in all parts of my life except with matters of the gym. I’m not a slave to material possessions. I could keep going forever so I’ve forced a stop. Next is a little bit about my professional life.


My career in marketing began while completing my BCom degree at Ryerson University. I accepted two internships at Edward Jones and PVH Corp., both accelerating my growth and PVH extending a full time offer just prior to graduation to manage the Warner’s brand.

After some time, my love for photography brought me to Canon Canada. I started in Marketing Communications, which propelled my career and ignited my passion. I was promoted in 1 year and 6 months continuing to tackle new projects and given opportunities to lead. My next promotion came 12 months later, taking on a Digital Marketing role, where it became clear that a position of greater influence and leadership was my next step.

I had also just passed the GMAT exam and was admitted to the Schulich School of Business MBA program. After 2 successful semesters, albeit part time, it struck me that in order to maximize the MBA experience, I must dedicate 120% of my efforts to the program full time so in my own accord, I did. This tough decision to go full time quickly led to my golden ticket; in April 2014, I began an exciting internship as an Associate Marketing Manager at General Mills.

After my MBA, I will be joining General Mills full time as an Associate Marketing Manager, blending my professional experience with my education. This role is best aligned with my talents and aspirations, allowing me to lead, innovate, and be creative.

I also launched my own business, Charlene Precious Co. in 2011, turning my photography into nostalgic art perfect for home decorating, gift giving, and e-greeting. I run the business part time and have generated 9,300+ sales in units through my online Etsy shop and select retailers and independent stores.

The rest of me is an open book through words and photographs. Thank you for reading, :).

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