Sunshine and Sunflowers.

August 5, 2013

I’ll have to dedicate this post to my friend Sarah because she loves sunflower fields and Chris and I stumbled upon one on our aimless road trip on Saturday. It was quite the pleasant surprise. Sunflower fields are hard to come by around here – I think this was a corn field the year before. The beautiful long weekend has come and gone and it was a seriously awesome one. We must have gone through three tanks of gas driving all over the Southwestern Ontario countryside. (I used to think that I was a half-rural, half-city girl but I’ve been erring more on the rural side as of late. The countryside is just amazing.) We’re back to the grind tomorrow but am very much looking forward to it. There are a ton of exciting projects in the funnel that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

On a final note, I am absolutely hooked on Orange is the New Black and just finished the first season with one of the most intense finales I’ve ever seen. The second season isn’t airing until 2014 and that just gives me anxiety. I can’t wait that long! It’s a fabulous show – check it out on Netflix.

sunflower field sunflower seed

Posted By Charlene Precious @ 8:40 pm