A tad bit disturbed.

December 16, 2013

Chris and I watched The Seasoning House over the weekend (in place of Love Actually because we couldn’t find it on Netflix or Zune but how I wish we had seen it instead). I have to say that I haven’t been messed up by a movie in a long time and considering how frequently I watch horror movies and how desensitized I am, it’s a point worth noting. This one was so disturbing. I recommend it and I don’t recommend it. I guess it depends if you want your eyes opened to some serious darkness or if ‘ignorance is bliss’ is preferred. I think the potential realness of the subject of the film and the fact that the events that took place could very well exist in the world, is what makes it so heavy for me. But anyway… I’m still trying to erase it from my memory. We’re getting there…

On a brighter note, Chris and I went Christmas shopping during the snow storm on Saturday (lol), and we got it all done. :)


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