Full time MBA, here I come!

December 12, 2013

I’ve decided to transition to Schulich’s full time MBA program starting January 2014 in order to maximize the learning experience and potential of this amazing opportunity. This has been by far the hardest decision I’ve had to make because I had to choose between two things that are extremely important to me and that I absolutely love. I went back and forth on this for months and months and couldn’t have been more indecisive about it – Chris was losing all patience. But after 65 conversations, several versions of our five-year plan, multiple pros and cons charts, and simply more thinking than you can imagine, school weighed in a bit stronger. Ultimately, I want to give either my work or my continuing education 120% of my time, energy, and efforts. 120% in each of these two places is humanly impossible and something will end up giving and that just won’t fly with me, so school is going to take precedent for now! You reap what you sow with everything you do. If you put in 80%, you’ll get 80% in results. If you put in 120%, you’ll get 120% in results.

Truly, it is with the most bittersweet emotions that I part with Canon. The last 3.5 years at the company have been years that I cherish. They were packed with learning, growing, building relationships, and making lifelong friends. The company has been nothing but good to me and for that I am grateful. The photo below is the team that I joined at the beginning of this year and is also the last team I will work with at Canon. We had our holiday dinner this evening. They are amazing and I will miss them so much.

Here are some blog posts to prove how much I LOVED my journey at Canon. There are definitely a whole lot more posts about my work life but these were the ones that came to mind first so I dug for them.
Here I raved about how memorable my business trip to Montreal was.
Here I raved about how my business trip to Calgary was the best trip ever.
Here I raved about the awesome people I’ve met at work.
Here I captured PROM at the ROM with two of my favourite Canon girls.
Here I captured the fun my former team had with Movember.
Here I captured my Easter Seals Telethon experience.
Here I captured my portfolio feature in the myCanon publication.
Here I captured the Canon Experience Centre in Calgary.

Last but CERTAINLY not least, Canon is where I found my soon-to-be husband. Need I say more? :) My last day is December 31st and then I am officially a full time student until December 2014. Life is getting more exciting by the minute and the world has never felt more like my oyster.

Just to loop back on the Finance exam, I wrote it last night. It was difficult as hell but I managed and am confident that I did well enough to finish the course with a strong mark. Hard work never fails. I am a free bird for about 2.5 weeks and can’t wait to get into the holiday spirit and get back into some more wedding planning!

Have a wonderful night. I’ll have more time to blog often next year, I’m sure of it!


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