I’m in a working daze.

November 30, 2013

The fact that I’ve found a 20-minute window to blog is a miracle. I took the week off to get ready for my Finance exam in about a week and a half and to work on my Skills for Leadership monster of a final project due in a week. I was up by 9am every day of the week and grinded until 11pm. It has been 6 days straight of that grind and I’m still not done. Next week is the home stretch and then this semester is officially over. I’m actually in a working daze and feel a bit disjointed. The dishes in the sink are getting old and gross, my dog is feeling abandoned, Chris is feeling abandoned…

On a brighter note, I do understand Finance better and better every day, thanks to two amazing souls. It is not every day that you find people who are willing to take chunks of time out of their day to help you understand Finance. I’ve been extremely resourceful this semester, more so than before because the course has definitely taken me for a ride and without seeking out the extra support that I needed to learn the material more deeply, I’d have a much weaker shot at doing well.

The notion that “Finance is boring” is absolutely not true and you are totally hearing this from a marketer and photographer. I find Finance extremely stimulating and I think that it is an incredibly interesting and useful field of study. It is also hard as hell, much harder than Accounting, so I have a new found respect for CFA designations. I appreciate the material from the bottom of my heart; my brain is just not wired quite perfectly for it to be exceptional at the subject, although it does try and try.

I’m doing everything that I can to learn the material and all I can say for the exam is, come what may. :)

Oh! I’m also trying energy drinks… I like them. A lot.


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