I’ve revived www.CharlenePrecious.com

December 17, 2010

That is my excuse for not posting a photo on Wednesday and Thursday. I think it’s a legitimate excuse. So, CHECK IT OUT:


I can’t keep sending clients to this blog as a main destination; it has to be www.CharlenePrecious.com. And I can’t leave a “BRB” note there for any longer because it’s driving me crazy. And I’ve been saying that I’m going to do a revamp, so you have my word. No matter how busy. Just in time for 2011.

There are only 33 photos up there at the moment because I have a hundred million photos to re-edit to the right size before I can use them on the site to fit the setup. So, I’ll make it a point to re-edit a few a day and add them in as I go. But at least the web destination is up and alive. Getting a move on and spending the time to set up the site is the hardest part.

Once I am done polishing all the photos that I want to put up, I will probably add my design portfolio as well.

Anyway, I have a photoshoot today, so I’ll post tons of photos to make up for the few days that were missed. :)

Happy Friday!

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