You are an angel.

December 18, 2010

If you didn’t already know, I almost lost my blog. Well, in my head I did. It was never actually lost. But in my head, it was because I believed it was lost, so it was as good as lost.

Long story short: I was working on migrating my portfolio to WordPress, so it’s easier to manage. Along the way, between installing WordPress and mapping domains, I carelessly deleted my blog, which I now know from this traumatic experience, is actually connected to this blog. And just like that, the whole blog was “gone” for four hours or so. I have never experienced such mental and physical trauma.

Jon Gauthier, an angel in today’s day and age, saw my cry for help and came to my rescue. He spent three hours on the phone with me, helping me figure it all out. I was angry, rude, whiny, and just all around UNPLEASANT. Your average Joe and Jane would’ve said byebye in the first ten minutes. But Jon helped me up until I am blogging again, right here, right now. Jon, so sorry for my disaster but I graciously thank you for your kindness. You are an angel.

The worst is over and as promised, I am posting a few photos today due to missing the last couple of days. The photoshoot last night was fabulous; I was capturing a group of beautiful ladies from my old workplace, dolled up in their fancy hair and make up, getting ready for their Christmas party. I miss you, ladies! :)

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  • Jon Gauthier

    Hey Charlene

    Thank you for the awesome & kind words in your above post. I am happy i was able to help and talk ya through this and get it back up. Your photography is really very cool :) Will talk and see soon :)



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