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August 25, 2013

Just a quick follow-up to this post. My CrashPlan back-up has finally been completed. 528 GB later. It took about 4 weeks – very, very slow turle-pace upload process but very pleased that it’s all done and safe in the cloud. I haven’t been feeling too healthy lately and actually feel a little bit malnutrition-ed. My body is crying out. I’ve been in high stress mode since last October and you really don’t even realize when your body is taking a toll. I’ve been chugging water and vitamins the past week and have been trying to eat healthier. I got a blood test done and can’t wait for the results to come in so that I can go on and fix whatever is deficient. Need to get strong again.

windmill dutch

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August 13, 2013

It’s crazy how quickly the weeks pass. I feel like I’ve only skipped a few days of blog posts when it has actually been a week since the last one. Anyway, final grades for the summer semester have been published and I cleared an A+ in Financial Accounting and an A- in Organizational Behaviour – awesome much? I worked so hard and basically hated my life, but it was all worth it. The whirlwind starts all over again in September though. BUT, at the very least, I’ve read up to Chapter 7 of the Managerial Finance textbook getting a head start and keeping stress levels under control… (lol). I realize I sound like a gigantic nerd but it’s the truth so there’s no shame there. My classes are in Toronto next term, so I’m looking forward to the change in scenery.

I’m getting into another show called Luther. It’s really, really good. I ditched Sons of Anarchy – it kind of sucks after a while.

Last chance to enter the Canon EOS 70D Fantasy Kit Contest, so get those entries in. The contest closes at 11:59PM tonight.

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So play along!

I became rather obsessed with circuses after watching Water for Elephants a couple of years ago. So in the summer of 2011, I went to the Shrine Circus and took this photo, one of my top sellers to date. A few weekends ago, Chris and I were on the highway and a circus top came into sight, completely out of the blue. It was the Shrine Circus again. The sky was perfectly blue with just the right amount of clouds, so as you’d expect, I felt the need to seize the opportunity for a 2013 re-shoot and re-edit. We took the next exit and found the circus. Here’s the second rendition of the circus top. :)

I’ve been good with posting a photo a day just the way the blog should be. But come September when the Fall semester begins, it’ll all slow down again. Boo.

circus top

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August 5, 2013

I’ll have to dedicate this post to my friend Sarah because she loves sunflower fields and Chris and I stumbled upon one on our aimless road trip on Saturday. It was quite the pleasant surprise. Sunflower fields are hard to come by around here – I think this was a corn field the year before. The beautiful long weekend has come and gone and it was a seriously awesome one. We must have gone through three tanks of gas driving all over the Southwestern Ontario countryside. (I used to think that I was a half-rural, half-city girl but I’ve been erring more on the rural side as of late. The countryside is just amazing.) We’re back to the grind tomorrow but am very much looking forward to it. There are a ton of exciting projects in the funnel that I can’t wait to get my hands on.

On a final note, I am absolutely hooked on Orange is the New Black and just finished the first season with one of the most intense finales I’ve ever seen. The second season isn’t airing until 2014 and that just gives me anxiety. I can’t wait that long! It’s a fabulous show – check it out on Netflix.

sunflower field sunflower seed

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August 3, 2013

When I was in the Netherlands, my favourite thing of all were the beautiful old windmills. They were everywhere. Like this. Absolutely GORGEOUS. I’m going to try to head out to Huron County in Bayfield this weekend to get to a Holland-inspired windmill right here in Ontario. Happy long weekend!

metal windmill

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My 7D never made it in. Detachable lens cameras were not allowed, so it got confiscated by the guards. My heart ached for the first hour of the show as I came to accept that I had to capture the concert with a crappy iPhone camera. (I eventually got over it). Here are my poor, grainy Instagram-ed shots. Why does anyone even take pictures with their phones and actually think that it’s sufficient? It’s shocking that it was nearly impossible to find anyone with a proper point-and-shoot camera at the concert. The majority used their smartphones. It’s just far from good enough. You’ll never be able to print any of the photos you take with your smartphone because the quality doesn’t cut it. Not even a little bit. Sure, in ten years, maybe. But all those phone photos you’ve been taking up until this point, and probably for the next two years at least, will live digitally forever. Forget photo albums and beautiful wall photo decor. And note that the only place that phone photos really look acceptable is on your phone. Quality degrades on your computer monitor and degrades further on a projector screen, etc. But I suppose if that works for you, then it does. Just sayin’.

Now back to the concert. NKOTB obviously stole the show – they are absolutely amazing live entertainers. They certainly got a tad bit risqué with some of their moves. So much so that a crazy fan in the front row yanked one of them off the stage and full on made out with him. It was all on camera. People do crazy things that make me shake my head. Anyway, NKOTB is notably getting more and more handsome with age. They’re a bunch of beauties to say the least. Boyz II Men are always good. 98 Degrees were a little bit weak but I kind of expected that.

I took a ton of photos and still need to go through them all. If anything else can pass as post-worthy, I’ll put them up. Otherwise, it’s safe to say that these are some of the worst concert photos I’ve ever taken. You can’t even imagine how much it breaks my heart. :(

NKOTB New Kids On The Block

NKOTB new kids on the block

NKOTB new kids on the block

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July 28, 2013

We’ve been blessed with a sun-shining Sunday after a rainy Saturday. It’s a gorgeous day out.

This photo was shot in Ocho Rios, when we cruised through what they considered to be the less fortunate neighbourhoods. The drive was quite beautiful anyhow. This was the neighbourhood from a distance and then we actually got up close and personal, into the mountain, through the little unpaved roads in between. And there we got a much closer view of the houses and village people.

We are hours away from The Package Tour concert! :) Excitement levels are on the rise.

jamaica travel ocho rios

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July 27, 2013

This is a birthday post dedicated to my amazing girl, Laisie. Happy birthday, love. I hope you had a wonderful day with friends and loved ones and I wish you an unbelievable year #26!!!

Guess what’s up for tomorrow night? The Package Tour. New Kids On The Block, 98 Degrees, and Boyz II Men, here we come to re-live the 90s with you. I can’t wait. The DSLR is coming with me – somehow I’ll sneak it in. Nsync, Backstreet Boys, and Spice Girls should also do a package tour. That would be heaven on Earth.

Ever since I fondled with the L-Series lenses, I can’t seem to be satisfied with my regular lenses again. It’s a crappy thing because I can’t afford an L-Series lens (right now).

07.27.13c 07.27.13

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July 24, 2013

Killed the accounting exam. I purchased my Managerial Finance textbook and am going to start reading in August. I’m in overachievement mode, which I tried to avoid so I don’t kill myself. But it seems that it can’t be avoided…

On another note, since I’m a free bird, it’s a good time to plug the Beatles’ Free as a Bird. :) I’ve been spending some time with them this evening. Is there anything better to sing along to than the Beatles? I think not.

sailing love beach ocean sea

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