The Package Tour without a decent camera.

July 29, 2013

My 7D never made it in. Detachable lens cameras were not allowed, so it got confiscated by the guards. My heart ached for the first hour of the show as I came to accept that I had to capture the concert with a crappy iPhone camera. (I eventually got over it). Here are my poor, grainy Instagram-ed shots. Why does anyone even take pictures with their phones and actually think that it’s sufficient? It’s shocking that it was nearly impossible to find anyone with a proper point-and-shoot camera at the concert. The majority used their smartphones. It’s just far from good enough. You’ll never be able to print any of the photos you take with your smartphone because the quality doesn’t cut it. Not even a little bit. Sure, in ten years, maybe. But all those phone photos you’ve been taking up until this point, and probably for the next two years at least, will live digitally forever. Forget photo albums and beautiful wall photo decor. And note that the only place that phone photos really look acceptable is on your phone. Quality degrades on your computer monitor and degrades further on a projector screen, etc. But I suppose if that works for you, then it does. Just sayin’.

Now back to the concert. NKOTB obviously stole the show – they are absolutely amazing live entertainers. They certainly got a tad bit risqué with some of their moves. So much so that a crazy fan in the front row yanked one of them off the stage and full on made out with him. It was all on camera. People do crazy things that make me shake my head. Anyway, NKOTB is notably getting more and more handsome with age. They’re a bunch of beauties to say the least. Boyz II Men are always good. 98 Degrees were a little bit weak but I kind of expected that.

I took a ton of photos and still need to go through them all. If anything else can pass as post-worthy, I’ll put them up. Otherwise, it’s safe to say that these are some of the worst concert photos I’ve ever taken. You can’t even imagine how much it breaks my heart. :(

NKOTB New Kids On The Block

NKOTB new kids on the block

NKOTB new kids on the block

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