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I can’t wait to fix my -stupid- hair this weekend. Yes, hair can absolutely be stupid.

I’m starting to get into a new show called The Killing, although it’s a stifling downgrade from Dexter, Breaking Bad, American Horror Story, and Homeland. I really hope that it’s at least mildly gripping because I’m running out of TV shows. It’s not like I’ll have much time to watch them when school starts, but for the time being, I do need my TV shows. I miss Homeland terribly and hate The Walking Dead. What happened to The Walking Dead anyway? Season 3 is as interesting as watching paint dry. Shows don’t usually start taking a turn for the worse until about the 5th or 6th season. The Walking Dead went to bed early.


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March 19, 2013

This is the new all-star Charlene Precious Etsy Shop tag team: my awesome mom and little sister. Business doesn’t stop just because life gets busier than it already is. =P I’ve temporarily transitioned the bulk of the work involved with the shop to my mom and little sister while I focus on work and school for the next little while – my first class commences on April 29th. You are in good hands and they will handle everything with just as much love and care :). I’ll still be processing orders in the background but mom and little sis will be packaging and shipping them out. It’ll operate like clockwork in no time.

I literally drove to my parents’ after work this evening just to take my wonderful helpers outside for this picture. It was taken with an iPhone and we all know that iPhone in low light settings just isn’t going to happen, so you have to work extra hard to turn them into blog-worthy photographs. Anyway, the snow turned out to be a nice touch.

Dinner time!


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Chris and I spent most of the weekend re-organizing and setting up my pretty little study area. It’s looking so beautiful. God knows we need any and every reason to sustain my enthusiasm and motivation to keep my head down and work. An inspiring work corner is sure to help. I’m madly in love with Homesense, by the way. They sell the best and most gorgeous home furniture and decor.

I’ve enrolled in my first two courses: Financial Accounting and Organizational Behaviour. These are mandatory core courses and are nothing erratically exciting just yet. I really thought my Accounting days were over but they’re absolutely not. I do hope to enjoy them a little more this time around. After all, what could be worst than the GMAT? Plus, I embrace opportunities that sharpen my numbers skills.

Note that Schulich’s service quality and response time is top tier style and they continue to impress. All obstacles I’ve encountered have been minutes away from resolution. Things get done fast and I love it.


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March 14, 2013

I’d freeze it right now. Every now and then, you come across a perfect place in time and desire for everything to stop so you can stay a while. I’m in that place right now.

It’s my dad’s birthday today. Happy birthday to the Father of the Year every year. I love you, dad.

Here’s the beautiful BMO stadium against the beautiful Toronto skyline. We live in a beautiful city.


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“Everything is affected by and is part of everything else, changing constantly from one state to another. The rain becomes the river; the river surrenders to the sea and the cycle begins all over again. Nothing is ever lost. The melody changes – the dance goes on.” -Connie Harrison

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I made it!

Around this time last year, I was researching GMAT prep courses and MBA programs. In April, I went on hiatus and cracked open my GMAT books for the first time (flashback to post). That was the beginning of the first of many long roads. In May, June, July, and August, I wanted to kill the GMAT (flashback to post). In September, October, and November, everything suddenly clicked and I started to enjoy solving Math problems (flashback to post). In December, I wrote the GMAT (flashback to post). In January and February, I slaved away with applications. Yesterday, I got accepted into the MBA program of the Schulich School of Business and here we are. I am so happy. Thank you yet again to my awesome and unfailing God.

Part time school and full time work commences in May 2013. I have no idea what to do with my Etsy shop. I’m considering letting my little sister run it for a while. Nonetheless, workhorse mode: ON. Here comes the next long road – this isn’t going to be easy but I think I can, I think I can, I know I can! The best part – it’ll all be documented on this blog because this blog is going to be the journal of my life until I am no more (beginning 2009).

Haven’t posted self portraits in a while, so I went out shooting with my girlfriend this afternoon. A beautiful day always calls for a photo date.


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I’m going to go all marketing on you tonight. With endearing photos of my amazing dog, Edward.

I’m jumping all over the Zero Moment of Truth bandwagon, although I’m just over a year behind. If you’re behind, too, now’s your chance to catch up. I was at Google’s Engage Connect event yesterday and am reminded of why I love marketing. A few things in life inspire me. Ingenius marketing is one of them. If you’re a marketer, take a look at Google’s Zero Moment of Truth handbook. In a nutshell, ZMOT is about the changing influencers of purchase decisions. The traditional purchase model, stimulus >> in-store >> at home experience, is a thing of the past. It now goes stimulus >> Zero Moment of Truth >> First Moment of Truth (in-store) >> Second Moment of Truth (at home experience). This illustration is a neat summation of the two models.

The ZMOT handbook sheds light on the 84% of consumers whose purchase decisions are shaped by the ZMOT. The ZMOT is everything that happens online before you and I go to a store to make a purchase, from product searches to reading reviews to comparison shopping to asking for advice from your followers on Twitter to posting a question on Yahoo Answers. These are among the heaviest influencers of purchase decisions today. So, the handbook provides a recipe to win ZMOTs, although I don’t think there is ever a cookie-cutter approach to these things. But awareness of the subject is a good first step.

For inspiration:

Have you seen Google Chrome’s Dear Sophie Lee video ad? If not, watch it here. You may encounter a teardrop. Or two.

Have you seen Google’s Project Glass video ad? If not, watch it here. We could all rock one of those now couldn’t we?

Have you ever heard of the Re-Imagining Coke, “Hilltop” ad? If not, learn about it here. Coca-Cola is the master of warm and fuzzies.

Good night!

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