Google’s Zero Moment of Truth aka ZMOT.

March 6, 2013

I’m going to go all marketing on you tonight. With endearing photos of my amazing dog, Edward.

I’m jumping all over the Zero Moment of Truth bandwagon, although I’m just over a year behind. If you’re behind, too, now’s your chance to catch up. I was at Google’s Engage Connect event yesterday and am reminded of why I love marketing. A few things in life inspire me. Ingenius marketing is one of them. If you’re a marketer, take a look at Google’s Zero Moment of Truth handbook. In a nutshell, ZMOT is about the changing influencers of purchase decisions. The traditional purchase model, stimulus >> in-store >> at home experience, is a thing of the past. It now goes stimulus >> Zero Moment of Truth >> First Moment of Truth (in-store) >> Second Moment of Truth (at home experience). This illustration is a neat summation of the two models.

The ZMOT handbook sheds light on the 84% of consumers whose purchase decisions are shaped by the ZMOT. The ZMOT is everything that happens online before you and I go to a store to make a purchase, from product searches to reading reviews to comparison shopping to asking for advice from your followers on Twitter to posting a question on Yahoo Answers. These are among the heaviest influencers of purchase decisions today. So, the handbook provides a recipe to win ZMOTs, although I don’t think there is ever a cookie-cutter approach to these things. But awareness of the subject is a good first step.

For inspiration:

Have you seen Google Chrome’s Dear Sophie Lee video ad? If not, watch it here. You may encounter a teardrop. Or two.

Have you seen Google’s Project Glass video ad? If not, watch it here. We could all rock one of those now couldn’t we?

Have you ever heard of the Re-Imagining Coke, “Hilltop” ad? If not, learn about it here. Coca-Cola is the master of warm and fuzzies.

Good night!

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