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August 19, 2016

Here’s a new print, shot in Santa Barbara. :) There’s totally something about these palm trees that make my heart sing. It might be that I just love California.

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August 14, 2016

Of all the home projects, the closet was probably among the easiest and cheapest!

DECOR TIP: Here’s all that you need to build a $500 low-cost yet pretty closet!

Simply install this from one end of the closet to the other. You may need to throw in a support bracket in the middle if you have a lot of clothes that will eventually weigh the rod down!

This is so you have a set of drawers to dump your clothes in! Extremely helpful to keep your closet neat.

This is only if you care about having a “pretty” closet. Make sure your hangers match across the board – it makes everything look prettier and more organized! Miscellaneous hangers look messy :P.

This is an easy way to store your shoes neatly inside your closet. Again, pick colours that complement or match the rest of your closet. For instance, if my hangers are natural pine wood, then I’ll also pick natural pine wood for shelves!

I love, love, love the look of shutters in general, so louvered-style closet doors were the perfect choice for me. I also love the bifold function because they are not only space-saving but they also look awesome!

Toss the standard knobs that come with closet doors you buy at big box retailers and go out and get some decorative ones to spice things up! :)

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Adjustable Closet Rod – Lowe’s
KOPPANG Chest of 3 Drawers – IKEA
Interior Bifold Louvered Closet Doors – Lowe’s
Clover Decorative Knobs – Anthropologie

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August 13, 2016

As promised, here’s a snap of our new front yard! :) We’ve worked tirelessly on it for the past couple of months with our awesome handyman. I actually shared this on Instagram last week and am just catching up with a blog post now! I love, love, love it! Chris and I have been clockwork when it comes to watering our green babies after work. As much of a chore as it sounds, it’s actually extremely relaxing and it’s guaranteed outside-time every day. I wish it was summer all year long so we get to keep our flowers for a little longer, but that’s not Canada for ya. I’m on a mission to find flowers that bloom and survive in the winter though! Any suggestions, pretty please let me know. They’ve got to exist!

home decor, front yard design, curb appeal, front lawn design, landscaping

Iron Window Boxes with Coco Liner – Vandogen’s Garden Centre
Bright Pink Trailing Geraniums – Jade Gardens
Iron Hanging Planter with Coco Liner – Terra Greenhouses
Iron Hanging Planter Hook – RONA
Trellis – Arbor Garden Centre & Nursery
Boxwood Plants – Arbor Garden Centre & Nursery
Emerald Cedars – Arbor Garden Centre & Nursery
Pathway Stones (Ardesia) – Best Way Stone
Doorsteps (Parkwall) – Best Way Stone
Doorstep Riser Stone Veneer (Great Lakes – Raven) – Fusion Stone

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Here she is, the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles! At first I found LA to be very tricky to photograph because of all the smog. But then I eventually recognized that it was simply a part of the city and as such, also an inevitable and natural part of the photography. The smog in fact adds a signature touch to the images that make them scream LA. :) I like it.

Hollywood Art Print

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Completely, totally, utterly California Dreamin’ with this hippie van. :) This is a new print I have yet to list but know that it’s available!

On another note, I had great company with a friend tonight drinking wine and eating pizza and perogies. Nothing more that a girl could ask for. :)

Our front yard has also made leaps and bounds of progress over the last week as we transformed it from a boring, lifeless lawn, to now a lawn with some great curb appeal! I love it so much and will take photos soon. Home projects, as tedious as they can be while in the process, are so rewarding in the end. Like they always say, just keep your eye on the prize, folks!

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July 26, 2016

This is the majestic view from Observation Point at Zion National Park. We took the shortcut to the top!!! If you’re not a big hiker and want to get up there in half the time, go to the Zion Ponderosa Ranch Resort and tell them you want to take the short cut up to Observation Point! They’ll take you on a shuttle and drop you off at a trailhead (East Mesa Trail) that’s essentially already halfway up to this view. It’s a 3-hour round-trip hike and anyone can do it! :)

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July 25, 2016

This is a rendition of the famous shot of the open road to Monument Valley, Navajo Tribal Park. It was truly just as beautiful as the movies and I could stand and stare in awe from dusk ’til dawn.

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July 22, 2016

Here’s me on Route 66 in Hackberry, AZ. Thanks to my wonderful husband for never giving up on photoshoots with me! :) Happy Friday, everyone, and have an amazing weekend!

route 66 selfie, hackberry arizona

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