Bedroom Dresser Decor

May 28, 2016

Quick post today! Today’s decor tip is to remember that the top of a dresser is a decor haven that enhances a room, so leverage it! Here’s one recipe to filling the top of a bedroom dresser with pretty things. And of course, there’s nothing that a little greenery, beautiful books, and art prints can’t do. As always, shop the look down below.

master bedroom dresser, dresser decor

French Provincial Style Dresser – My Back Shed
Mini Plant Accent – Homesense
Ashland Washed Eucalyptus Bunch – Michaels Arts & Crafts
Second Hand Books- Value Village
*Featured Art Print: Bond Between Two – Charlene Precious Co.*
Rustic Frame – Homesense
Wooden Bucket with Handle – Michaels Arts & Crafts

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