Bumpin’ at 26 Weeks!

November 9, 2017

We’re having so much fun putting the nursery together – it’s coming along really nicely and I can’t wait to share pictures :).

Here’s a quick “almost 26-week” bump update. The photo was snapped over the weekend when I wasn’t quite 26 weeks yet! Getting bigger and more excited (and a bit scared) by the day but I truly can’t wait to meet this little guy. He’s a super active one; always busy in the womb with not sure what. :P Crazy boy. Love him to death already.

Also noting that 26 weeks marks roughly the time I’ve been feeling more energetic. Took long enough! Here’s to hoping I don’t lose it again as I enter the 3rd trimester. :P


Posted By Charlene Precious @ 9:10 pm

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