Engagement party.

October 21, 2013

My parents threw Chris and I a small engagement party last night and it was so much fun. Both of our families met for the first time and it could not have gone better. We are both blessed with amazing families and are so, so, so grateful. Thank you mommy and daddy and family for the party!!!

Although these are arguably some of the most unflattering photos of myself, I had to post them for two reasons: 1) a blog-worthy memory despite looking like a monkey in the pictures and 2) I was dying of laughter when this was happening and found it exceptionally funny. You could quickly look at all four pictures and be quite convinced that I could not contain myself, hence the unflattering factor. We were getting our family photos taken and realized that we should bring Chris into the photo. So he made his way into the photo and we all bursted out laughing at the mental image of him standing behind the entire family, significantly taller, and could literally hold us all together with the span of his arms. We felt like little people in a big world for a moment. Mostly because we are actually so little.

Yesterday night was an amazing time. I’ll post more photos later. I still have a long to-do list to get through this evening.


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