Service quality control, please.

January 3, 2014

It’s incredible how busy you can be even without having to go to work. I was running around all day today and am exhausted.

I was working with two different print shops (The Printing Team and Sherwood Copy) to get my wedding invitations printed and was pretty taken aback by the service provided by Sherwood Copy, Mississauga location. When I arrived at the print shop, hardly anyone wanted to help me, let alone acknowledged me (no, the place was not busy.) And when someone finally did tend to me, they had this rotten, disappointed looking face that had “ugh, a customer” written all over it. At least pretend to be happy, right? And when I asked questions, I got these careless, lazy one-word answers. This, my friends, I don’t understand. If you have uninspired, demotivated staff who dislike their jobs, get rid of them before they slowly but surely drive your business to the ground. What happened to a little bit of service quality? The worst part was, their quote ended up being double the amount of The Printing Team’s for print quality that was a whole lot shabbier. Say what? The poor quality was likely the result of not properly calibrating their machines before printing out samples for a customer, in which case, more staff issues to address. I was at a loss for words at that point. No further comments.

Needless to say, The Printing Team was a billion times more pleasant. They’re always pleasant. I’ve done work with them in the past and they’ve done a great job. My “due diligence syndrome” thought that I’d be doing myself a favour by checking out another place to compare and contrast. Apparently not. So the lessons here are ones we’ve all learned before: do not fix what’s not broken and the grass isn’t always greener on the flip side. :)

I got a B+ in my Skills for Leadership course. It’s a shame that it didn’t make it to A-. I’m still waiting for my Finance mark to be published; been holding my breath for that one.


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