I have entrepreneur-envy.

January 7, 2011

I love all you entrepreneurs, the legit ones, not the ones that create a Facebook page and call themselves an entrepreneur. No, no, you are not an entrepreneur. I love you legit entrepreneurs because you have the ballsyness that the rest of us don’t. You are ballsy enough to park the full time job thing and invest all your time, energy, and resources into your own venture, so you can work for yourself. And I particularly admire two special entrepreneurs (whose ventures are going to explode with success) because they are the fruits of Ryerson University: Joshua Richards, founder of Maverick Creative and Hailey Coleman, founder of Damn Heels. I know Josh personally, but not Hailey. Both are geniuses in their own way.

You heard it here first: Maverick Creative will be that next big and funky creative agency that all the cool kids want to work for.

Below is a snapshot of Hailey Coleman’s labour – the top photo is an article in a Ryerson publication that was mailed to me and the two mini photos below that, are my very own pair of Damn Heels. This is that great idea that is not just all talk but it is that great idea that is executed. And executed gracefully with extraordinary marketing, especially in the packaging. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that little black-pink pouch with a pair of cute disposable/bendable flats? Even if the product itself didn’t interest you, the packaging will make you pick it up anyway.

Execution is everything. If you can’t execute, you’ve got nothing.

Keep on keeping on, entrepreneurs!!!

Posted By Charlene Precious @ 8:34 pm