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July 21, 2013

It looks like this is the closest I’ve ever gotten to conquering my nemesis. I received a perfect score in my accounting case study assignment, with a class average of 72%. It almost brought a tear to my eye and I’m not sure that this will ever happen again. 100%s on significant tests and assignments don’t come around often, especially in these tougher courses. More importantly is the moral of the story: hard work always pays off. Never doubt it.

I’ve been MIA for a week – eek! I’ve been studying for exams. Financial Accounting is history after tomorrow night. I don’t think I’ve ever retained this much information in my head – between work and school, it’s not easy to remember everything. I’ll tell you – the memory is working pretty damn hard. I can’t wait to un-flex those brain muscles and press the EJECT ALL ACCOUNTING INFORMATION button the second I hear “pencils down, time is up”. I have no idea what the exam is going to be like but my studying is getting quite unproductive and lazy in these last hours. Crossing my fingers and hoping it all works out.

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