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November 16, 2013

Blogging again, yay! I bought pearl earrings today – I’m going through a phase. I also bought some really obnoxious phone cases.

Today I brought up the fact that I reminisce to old times and look at old photos quite often and that it brings me so much warmth, joy, and nostalgia. I’m a total memory keeper and I want everything in my life documented in some way. Chris on the other hand is not a reminiscer and documents almost nothing in his life. So we made an agreement today. Documenting is easily more important than not documenting, so it was no subject of debate. Starting from our wedding day, he is the designated videographer of our lives while I am the designated photographer. He will learn to take videos. We’re going to arm him with a Go Pro camera and strap it around his forehead permanently so that we’ll have decades of sweet, nostalgic footage and memories of us and our family, :), lol. I’m totally kidding about strapping it around his forehead but we laughed pretty hard at the thought of it. The bottom line is, I want tons of candid home videos on top of photographs.

To rewind a little bit – we were actually at my parents’ house last weekend and my mom and dad pulled out an old home video of my 4th birthday party and it was the most beautiful thing to watch as an adult today. I obviously know how important it is to document events and memories and I value it more than words can say but watching that home video and seeing such amazing footage made me turn to Chris and say, “we’re going to videotape and photograph absolutely EVERYTHING.” It is all you have when that memory chip no longer serves and things get fuzzier as time passes.


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