I’m back from my business travels. A Photo A Day resumed!

February 2, 2011

WHAT A MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE, both in work and in life. The past two business trips have been phenomenal and I am so, so, so grateful for these opportunities. We worked our tails off and I am exhausted and I am about to get sick, but I am high off of these experiences. Amazing, amazing, amazing and all worth it.

The photos below are from the Montreal Bell Centre with our Eastern sales team. It’s supposed to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to skate on this ice. I know nothing about hockey but I definitely knew how to appreciate something like this. I was in awe, running up, down and around the arena like a little girl in a candy store. I even ran onto the ice with my Uggs on. And then I decided that I had to borrow someone’s skates and actually skate on the ice even though I don’t know how to skate. More photos tomorrow.

Posted By Charlene Precious @ 7:30 pm