I’m getting over my cough & cold.

January 19, 2011

And my day was instantly better, like a nasty cloud lifted and went on to hover over the next victim. Monday & Tuesday were torturous because that was when the virus was at its peak and I had all sorts of lovely things coming out of my flaking nose, nightmare sinuses that gave me disgusting headaches, etc., and all stresses and problems were magnified. Today, my to-do list grew bigger and I’m even busier than the last two days, but my day was pleasant because I physically felt better. There you have it, my friends. Physical health is emotional and mental health. If your body feels like sh*t, so does everything else in your life. And vice versa. Take care of your health. Not that I should be the one preaching about health. I’m easily the unhealthiest person you’ll ever know. But basically, if I ever find the discipline to commit to the gym, it would strictly be about preserving my health, not to get pretty for anyone.

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