On a vacation that is not really a vacation. Brb.

June 15, 2013

This vacation will be a test of discipline – there is so much work on the go. It’s ironic because the trips I usually go on are those that are packed with activities and adventures – up at 7am doing 8-hour walking tours, climbing up castles, rafting among raging rapids, going off the beaten path, and whatever else. This one’s my first all-inclusive resort trip, which is infamous for lounging, relaxing, and doing absolutely nothing but bake in the sun. I struggled with the idea of a beach-lounging trip for ever and ever and was worried that this wasn’t going to be an activity-packed trip. As it turns out, although not activity-packed, it’s homework-packed. I’ve made a day-to-day schedule of school work that needs to be accomplished – nerd alert, I know. Good lord. I usually do better “BRB” shots than this, but this is as good as it’s going to get right now. I’m completely tapped out.


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