Lifelong friends from university.

December 23, 2013

Even as life gets busier and busier, we try to make time once a year at Christmas to round up the Ryerson Business Management troop. We were missing a few key people this year but the full crew is hard to come by and we appreciate and make do with whoever we can get. :) It was sooo nice to see everyone. It’s funny how despite all the growing and developing we go through year over year, things still don’t change all that much once we’re all together. Although a little bit older now, having a meal together still feels exactly like lunch breaks at the Eaton Centre food court before Accounting class. The same people still get picked on. The same jokes come around. The loudest is still the loudest. And the most quiet is still the most quiet. This was the crew that worked together on everything and more or less aced the program. :) Everyone is successfully rocking in their fields and careers have taken off. I’m so proud. Love you guys to bits.


Posted By Charlene Precious @ 7:27 pm

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