My amazing God watches over me.

July 9, 2013

In hindsight, there were so many ways I could have been so screwed yesterday and it seemed like I was always an inch away from my own thunderstorm horror story. But somehow, the sequence of events happened the way they did to keep me from that horror story and it was not by chance or coincidence. My amazing God watches over me. Let’s just say that I drove with a flat tire for a total of 4 hours and had no idea. With the heavy roaring rain coming down, I couldn’t have heard my tire pop even if I tried. Yet my car held up while others were stalled and stuck in floods. When I got home from school at around 11:30pm, I learned that the apartment’s underground parking had been flooded (of course). I figured I had to find road parking at that point because I was certain that the visitor’s lot would be full, given the situation and how late it was. But sure enough, as I drove around to the visitor’s lot, I found ONE open spot as if it were waiting for me. These were only two of many fortunate moments yesterday, telling me to count my blessings.

I don’t mean to go all spiritual, but sometimes, when you reflect and think about how badly things could have turned out due to forces that are out of your control and then have a look at how it all worked out perfectly and as painlessly as possible instead, you have to wonder… someone else has got to be looking out for you. Some would say it’s luck, but I’d say it’s my God.

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