Roy’s Motel and Cafe on Route 66, Amboy, CA

July 10, 2016

Been back from vacation for a week and am now just getting around to pictures! This last trip was a complete blast. Even though we didn’t venture off too far, it was right up among our favourite trips yet. We must just really, really love road trips.

Here’s a shot of the famous and abandoned Roy’s Motel and Cafe on Route 66 in Ghost Town Amboy, CA. It’s stationed in the middle of nowhere in the California desert. Of course my husband and I psyched ourselves out reading up on all the horror stories of Amboy like here, here, and here right before we visited the town. It makes the experience a tad bit more thrilling. ;) We didn’t stay very long though because despite the thrill, there was some very real anxiety. So, we jumped out of the car for a brief moment to snap a few photos and then went on our way!

The photos turned out vibrant, beautiful, and full of that 1950’s feel, which was everything we wanted while driving through parts of Route 66. So for those of you who are fans of the Mother Road, here are brand new prints for you to check out! Many more Route 66 prints to come and many more from Arizona, Utah, and California in the hopper, so hang tight!

Roy's Motel and Cafe, Art Print

Roy's Motel and Cafe, Art Print

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