See differently.

November 23, 2013

The other night in my Skills for Leadership class we were discussing the power of being able to see differently. For instance, the way you see someone (in your realm of influence) has the power to actually impact the way they seem themselves. This may seem common sense but we don’t often consciously think about these things. For instance, if I made you feel smart and capable, you are more likely to feel and believe that you are indeed smart and capable, and because that belief would build your confidence, you are more likely to do more and do well. If I made you feel stupid and incapable, you are more likely to feel or believe that you are stupid and incapable, and because that belief would adversely impact your confidence, you are less likely to apply yourself and do well. Numerous studies have been conducted to show that if you treated criminals (certain types) like university students rather than social delinquents, they will never commit another crime. The way you see, treat, communicate with, or project your thoughts about a person to that person, has an impact on how they see themselves. I think it’s an incredibly powerful tool and is one of many golden nuggets for leaders to hone in on. It’s easier said than done but just the simple awareness of it is sure to make a difference. (Self)-awareness is the first step to any behavioural changes!

On another note, this has been my crazy day: had a meeting bright and early this morning with our wedding decor team, studied, had lunch, studied some more, napped because I could no longer focus, studied some more, blogged, then off to a tutoring session for Finance in about 5 minutes, and then catching a movie. Happy Saturday!


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