This is how your gear up for school.

April 12, 2013

You make your desk pretty. There is something about pretty things that inspire me to work. It can be anything from a pretty notebook and pen to pretty paper and post-its to a pretty computer monitor and keyboard to a pretty vintage bulletin board. Think of it as creating the right atmosphere / environment conducive to productivity – whatever that environment is to you. To me, it’s prettiness (coupled with functionality of course).

My Macbook Pro is fairly new from November 2012 and I had intended on getting the Mac Thunberbolt monitor to go with it because the last thing I want is to be working on complicated school projects in a teeny-tiny laptop screen. I couldn’t justify the cost of the Thunderbolt though, so I searched high and low for a pretty white monitor. Here I am with this beautiful cheap and cheerful 21.5″ BenQ monitor that they call the “Macbook Companion”. I’d have to agree because she is quite perfect for the job. I couldn’t be more satisfied.

benq macbook monitor desk iphone flowers

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